Peru’s controversial bisexual journalist: Profile of Jaime Bayly

Jaime Bayly interviews Miami’s communication director in a December 20 episode of "Bayly" on Mega TV. (Photo: Michael McElroy)


Jaime Bayly was recently the subject of a long profile in the New Times, a south Florida daily.

In his signature self-promoting, controversial style, the TV host talks about his past ("I’ve never believed in monogamy") and his future ("I’m dying in six months, so if Chávez kills me before then, he’ll be doing me a great service"). There are also scenes from his current program at MegaTV: ( "Don’t come here just to complain about my behavior," Bayly says angrily over the outro music. "And don’t be so damned boring.")

Here is an excerpt from the article. Read the complete article here.   

(By Michael E. Miller) After a one-and-a-half-year hiatus, [Jaime Bayly] has returned to South Florida screens with his snarky and unsparing show — simply titled Bayly — that premiered on Mega TV in November. He is the LeBron James of the late-night Latino TV circuit: both fiercely hated and widely admired. In his native Peru, he is a political force. After years of failed forays into politics in that country — including a botched 2009 bid for the presidency — he has emerged as a deciding force in recent elections. Last September, he almost single-handedly destroyed a conservative candidate’s campaign for mayor of Lima by leaking an audiotape in which the political aspirant said she didn’t give a damn about the office. And a series of scandalous revelations stemming from a dinner conversation between Bayly and current President Alan García have thrown this year’s presidential election into disarray. With 13 novels, a syndicated newspaper column, and prime real estate atop every tabloid in the country, Bayly is the fifth most powerful person in Peru, according to the magazine Peru Económico. Continue reading at New Times.

See video of the Bayly program described in the profile: