Peruvian coffee used by 80 percent of the world’s coffee manufacturers



Peruvian coffee is on the rise. (Photo: Karen Zárate/El Comercio)

Peruvian coffee is booming overseas, where 80 percent of global manufacturers use coffee beans from Peru, making it one of the most important producers in the world, reports El Comercio.

According to Gestión this year exports exceed $1 billion at a price that has been increasing over time. "Until March a quintal of coffee cost $270 and now it is already more than $280, so it is expected to reach the same volume exported in the past year," Gestión reported.

Ricardo Huancaruna, Perhusa Group general manager, stressed the importance Peruvian coffee has achieved in the world. The beans of Peru are used to improve the taste of the final product.

While Peru is considered as the sixth largest producer of coffee, domestic demand is much lower than expected. In figures submitted for publication 109 companies exported seed between January and March of this year.