Netherlands and Peru sign treaty on transfer of prisoners



Joran van der Sloot is presented to the media in June 2010. (Photo: Héctor Vinces/Andina)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs José Antonio García Belaúnde and his Dutch counterpart Uri Rosenthal signed a treaty on the transfer of sentenced persons and the enforcement of criminal judgments on May 12, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands.

The treaty allows residents of the Netherlands who have been sentenced to prison by final and unappealable judgment in Peru to serve their sentence in one of the countries in the Kingdom, this includes Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands. Peruvians who are in prison anywhere in the Kingdom are also entitled to the terms of the treaty. Both countries are under obligation to grant a detainee’s request. The treaty will become effective as soon as both parliaments have approved it.

The extradition agreement may allow Dutch citizen Joran van der Sloot to serve his sentence in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has been reported that the treaty was mainly created for the prison terms of Dutch nationals serving sentences for drug-related convictions in Peru.

There are currently 68 Dutch prisoners in Peruvian prisons, the second highest nationality among 664 European inmates after Spain, according to Radio Netherlands.

The two ministers discussed, among other things, human rights, cooperation in efforts to stop drug trafficking, promotion of mutual investment and knowledge exchange in the areas of water management and cooperation in judicial and defence matters.