La Rosa Nautica opens Bogota location


The original La Rosa Naútica in Lima. (Photo: La Rosa Naútica)

One of Lima’s better known restaurants, La Rosa Naútica, now has a second location in Bogotá, Colombia, reports El Comercio.

The new restaurant is adorned with details similar to the Lima location: the fish mobile hanging over the entrance, the colorful stained glass windows, walls covered with ferns, a viewing lounge and similar bar.

Nicole Biffi was responsible for taking the classic flavors of La Rosa Naútica to Colombia. Last October, she arrived in Bogotá with a group of 15 Peruvians. Today they are eight.

"La Rosa aims to continue its professionalism. We take care that the chef maintains the traditional Peruvian flavors. We are not trying to create fusion, the menu is modern within a limit that respects the traditional," said Fernando Puga Abad, who along with her sister Maria Eugenia, is the manager of the new second La Rosa, 28 years after its original creation.

In this first franchise made with 100 percent Peruvian capital, the menu professes to be identical to that of Lima.

"If all ours cooks make their own style of causa, we would create a confusing concept of this dish. Our proposal takes care of Peruvian cuisine, because we want everyone to have a clear idea of ​​what is causa and ceviche," says Puga.