iPhone covers 10 percent of smartphone use in Peru



The iPhone accounts for 10 percent of smartphone use in Peru. (Photo: Apple)

Apple’s iPhone accounts for nearly 10 percent of the overall smartphone sales in Peru, said Omar Balbuena, head of mobile phones at Movistar Peru.

According to Balbuena, nearly 60 percent of customers who access social networks in Peru do it via mobile phones, particularly smartphones, reports Andina.

The Movistar representative also said that 90 percent of the iPhone devices sold in Peru have been acquired in combination with a postpaid plan.

Additionally, 70 percent of the overall iPhone sales are concentrated in the Lima capital area, while across the country, the highest iPhone sales were registered in the cities of Arequipa, Piura and Trujillo, telecompaper.com reported.

As a comparison, according to TechCrunch.com, iPhones account for almost 50 percent of smartphone web traffic in the U.S.