More than 200 birds seized in transport to Lima


10 of the birds died in transport. (Photo: Inforegión)

Representatives from the department of wildlife in Tingo María seized more than 200 bird from the species brotogeris versicolorus, known locally as pihuichos. The animals were found in the transport hold of a mini-bus bound for Lima, reports Inforegión.

The bus belonged to a company called Bella Durmiente or "Sleeping Beauty" en route from Pucallpa.

The intervention was implemented with the support of the national police in the town of Cayumba, 25 kilometers south of Tingo María. Upon inspection four fruit crates were found containing dozens of birds. It was learned that ten birds died because of the deplorable conditions in which they were being carried.

Authorities announced that the case will be referred to the Attorney General to take legal action and punish the company and the driver according to the law. They also noted that this is not the first time this group of people has committed this act.