Former Bush cabinet member calls to vote for Peru’s Fujimori


By Jorge Riveros-Cayo

Ex Bush cabinet member advocates in favor of Peru's Fujimori
Roger Noriega spoke to a group of Peruvians in Miami, supporting presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori. (Photo: Internet)

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roger Noriega, urged Peruvians to vote for right-wing presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori in order “to prevent Peru to change its democratic course,” reported RPP news service.

Noriega, a die-hard Republican who was part of George W. Bush’s cabinet between 2003 and 2005, said that nationalist candidate Ollanta Humala is a “pro-coup military officer.”

According to Noriega, with Fujimori, “Peruvian people will not need to worry because she has not given signs of wanting to go against democracy and institutionalism.”

If Ollanta Humala is elected president on June 5, Peru will undergo political and economic changes, assured Noriega.

“Humala can be the most radical of all (…) so do not fall in the Castro-Chavez scam named Humala,” said Noriega at an event that took place in Miami.

Currently a visiting fellow at the right-wing think tank American Enterprise Institute, Noriega said that Humala “is the only candidate that has tried to hide his past and the only one that has sold his loyalty to an international conspiracy leaded by Hugo Chávez.”

Noriega said that during a recent visit to Peru he was informed that around 20 percent of voters are planning to vote blank, while another 10 percent will probably decide their vote on the same day of the runoff, according to RPP.

“It is a very high percentage that has not realized what is at stake in Peru. The economic stability that has been achieved cannot be jeopardized,” he warned.

The event was also attended by former U.S. Representative, Lincoln Díaz-Balart. A member of the Republican Party and a sponsor of the Homeland Security Act, Díaz-Balart is considered a “moderate” by Republican standards.

The U.S.-Cuban ex legislator said that Peru has to consolidate the achievements reached so far, following the same path of the last years.

“Otherwise the country could fall in the axis of evil,” he said.

Díaz Balart assured that the governments of Nicaragua, Ecuador and Bolivia have been finance “by the same person that robs Venezuelan people and interferes in domestic affairs of these countries,” in clear reference to Hugo Chávez.

If Humala wins, when he finishes his government, “he will violate the laws of the country to perpetuate himself in power as it has happened in other countries,” he said.