Sales of alpaca fiber garments expected to grow 20 percent in 2011


A fashion show featuring garments made with alpaca fibers from Cuzco. (Photo: Percy Hurtado/Andina)

The Ministry of Production expects sales of alpaca fiber garments to grow between 15 and 20 percent in the winter of 2011 compared to last year, reports La Républica.

"While the marketing of alpaca textiles was paralyzed, we are beginning to report higher sales, " said the deputy minister of Micro and Small Enterprises and Industry, Hugo Rodriguez.

In addition, the official said growth is expected for the exports of garments from alpaca fiber.

"The main markets for alpaca products are the U.S. and Europe, where it’s colder year round," he said.

Rodriguez also said he has established a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Production, the business Sudamericana de Fibras and the National Society of Industries to support the growth of small businesses in the industry.

"It has brought together more than 100 industrial weavers to provide training and raised the quality of their products. The idea is to select the 25 best and work with them," he said.