Viettel to invest $250 million to create their own fiber optic network in Peru



Viettel Peru plans to create their own fiber optic network. (Photo: Viettel)

The Vietnamese company Viettel Peru will invest $250 million to implement their own fiber optic network to provide telecommunications services, reports Andina.

"Viettel will invest these $250 million over the next five years, but we must remember that the concession period is much longer (20 years)," said Minister of Transport and Communications Enrique Cornejo.

He said that the company’s policy in Vietnam as well as in others where it operates is to invest in their own fiber and not rely on the networks of other companies.

"They are interested to get (with optical fiber) to the entire country so that they first will target large markets and then smaller markets. They want to get to the mountains and the Amazon and have very good will and intention to get it done," he said.

He also said that the implementation of fiber optic networks carry all kinds of information at high speed and quality.

He said the company is poised to complete its financial structure and fulfill its commitment to the early years of the concession, which is to provide free internet service to almost 4,100 schools for 10 years.

He said that the current fiber optic network deployed in Peru only extends along the coast of Peru, from Tumbes to Tacna, and parts of it go to the heights of Arequipa and Huancayo.

"The problem is that in the rest of the country’s entire communications system goes through other channels such as satellite and wireless. Those do not have the quality that optical fiber brings in terms of speed, durability and loyalty," said the minister.

"We want all roads, hydropower, energy work, among others, to have their fiber product," he said at the close of a semiar called Information Technology without Discrimination.

He recalled that Telefonica plans to invest S/. 1 billion in the next four years to expand its fiber optic network.

Finally he mentioned that before the end of June a bid for the Banda Ancha 700 Mhz fourth generation (4G) will be awarded.