VIDEO: Fujimori’s speaker: “We killed less”


Fuerza’s 2011 speaker, Jorge Trelles, tried to excuse ex president Alberto Fujimori regime’s crimes and human rights violations saying, “We killed less [people]than the two previous governments.” 

Trelles, who is presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori’s speaker, made these astonishing remarks Thursday during a live interview in a morning news program.

A close collaborator and former minister of ex president Fujimori’s administration, Trelles has attacked Mario Vargas Llosa for supporting nationalist candidate Ollanta Humala.

Journalist Beto Ortiz asked Trelles if Fujimori had accepted to debate about corruption and human rights, two subjects that Gana Perú (Humala’s party) speakers assure had been rejected by her.

Trelles said “yes.” And then continued, “I know there was corruption during Fujimori’s government, but not all of us were corrupt. When it comes to human rights (…) the biggest excesses were done in the eighties… (…)…we do not have a problem to debate human rights with commander Humala.”

Ortiz then said, “I think people are worried that if human rights is included in the debate, it will end up being Barrios Altos versus Madre Mía, La Cantuta versus Andahuaylazo, in other words, who killed the most?”

And then Trelles responded, “We killed less than the two previous administrations.”

Ortiz said to Trelles, “do you realize you just gave a long-dreamed headline to La República as a gift?” Trelles just laughed.