15,000 Year Old Artifacts Excavated in Northern Peru

What mysteries lie below Huaca Prieta near the Chicama Valley?

What mysteries lie below Huaca Prieta near the Chicama Valley?

While we are awaiting the face reveal of an ancient Moche governor priestess, a team of scientists from Florida Atlantic University´s Harbor Branch are investigating deeper mysteries of the Chicama Valley in the department of La Libertad, located in Northern Peru.

Phys.org reports that the team has unearthed artifacts as old as 15,000 years in one of the most ancient temples in Peru, Huaca Prieta. Huaca Prieta was built between 3500 and 1800 B.C., according to Britannica, but evidence shows that human life and settlement in the region dates back much further. Not only are the artifacts found there some of the oldest in Peru, but they reveal a society much more complex than originally thought.

Food remains, stone tools, baskets, and textiles recovered from the region indicate not only a level of development and technology much more advanced than previously known of this time period, but also show a complexity of social relations including the need for social stature, according to James M. Adocisio, Ph.D. The excavations also provide evidence for a theory of faster development on the Pacific coast rather than in the high mountains of Peru.

For more information, check out Phys.org article. We look forward to furthering revelations from the Chicama Valley.



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