Garcia calls on Peruvian parents to join the “education crusade”



President Alan García inaugurates an electrification project in district of San Ramón. (Photo: Sepres)

President Alan García has called on Peruvian parents to join the great "education crusade" in a bid to achieve development and progress in the country.

"I ask you, mothers and fathers, to join the educational crusade in order to turn our schools into real centers where our children learn much more," he said on Thursday after inaugurating an electrification project in the Junín region.

The Peruvian leader noted that the best legacy we can leave our children is the wealth of intellect, knowledge and learning, "because they never disappear, not even with an economic crisis."

For this reason, García said that in recent years the government has made every possible effort to ensure a fundamental right in democracy, which is a better education through active and comprehensive training for teachers.

He said that the modernization of education also involves encouraging students to study more and acquire knowledge that enables them to make their way through life.

The head of state added that in terms of electrification, so far the government has provided electricity to 11,000 towns, benefiting a total of 3.2 million Peruvians.

Also, he recalled that nearly 5 million people have drinking water, and 2 million Peruvians have learned to read and write.

"There is no democracy without electricity, drinking water, or education, otherwise democracy would be just words," Garía said.