PHOTOS: Humala and Fujimori debate one week before Peru elections


One week before the run-off election, Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori faced off for a debate. Polls released today show a statistical tie between the candidates, with eight percent of voters still undecided, according to the Ipsos-Apoyo poll.

While Sunday’s debate had attacks and tense moments between candidates, Keiko Fujimori and Ollanta Humala ended with a handshake and a kiss on the cheek.  (Photo: Transparencia)

The debate was organized by the NGO Transparencia and the National Elections Jury. In the middle is moderator José María Salcedo. (Photo: Carlos Lezama/Andina)

Keiko Fujimori arrives with husband Mark Vito (Read more about Mark here)  (Photo by Elie Gardner)

Ollanta Humala arrives at the debate with wife Nadine Heredia. (Photo by Elie Gardner)

Keiko Fujimori. (Photo by Elie Gardner)

Security at the hotel, the site of the debate. (iPhone photo by Elie Gardner)

Journalists prepare for the arrival of the candidates. (iPhone photo by Elie Gardner)

The debate begins. (Photo: Carlos Lezama/Andina)

Fujimori during the debate. (Photo: Carlos Lezama/Andina)

Lima residents watch the debate at a fast food joint. (Photo: Piero Vargas/Andina)

Ollanta Humala supporters gathered a couple blocks from the hotel. (Photo by Elie Gardner)

Keiko Fujimori supporters. (Photo by Elie Gardner)

Humala supporters. (Photo by Elie Gardner)

Fujimori supporters. (Photo by Elie Gardner)