Peru drinks more beer than Chile


Peru drinks more beer than Chile, but not as much as Argentina. (Photo: La Républica)

The per capita beer consumption in Peru amounted to 61 liters in 2010, beating Chile, which is ranked as the country with the lowest consumption in the region, reported the consultancy Euromonitor International.

This result takes into account only the population over 15 years, reports Andina.

According to the "Alcoholic Beverages: An attempt at recovery and large regional gap," Chileans consumed 47 liters of beer per person, while Argentina and Colombia consumed 62 and 53 liters respectively.

Furthermore, the Peruvian beer industry revenues came close to $3 billion last year, while Chile registered $1.6 billion, one of the lowest figures.

By contrast, in Colombia’s beer market sold $6.2 billion, almost four times more than in Chile, while in Argentina the industry reported revenues of $3.65 billion.