AFP: Fujimori, Humala tied ahead of Peru run-off vote


AFP: Fujimori, Humala tied ahead of Peru run-off vote

More than 5,000 people held a demonstration under the phrase "For Dignity and Hope, Fujimori Nevermore" in the streets of Lima on May 26, 2011 to protest against the presidential candidacy of Keiko Fujimori. (Photo: GeraldoCaso/AFP)

Peruvians remain split over whether to elect as president populist Ollanta Humala or conservative Keiko Fujimori just days ahead of the June 5 run-off vote, reports AFP.

“A late Sunday debate between the candidates appeared to have settled nothing. The two have been tied in the polls for weeks, with one or the other ahead depending on the survey but still within the margin of error,” writes correspondent José Luis Varela

Three polls out Monday, the last that can be legally published in Peru before the vote, showed no clear winner in the debate.

Giovanna Penaflor with the Imasen polling company told AFP that her results show that neither candidate generates enthusiasm beyond their base.

"There has never before been such a strong sense in an election of jumping off an abyss," Peñaflor said. "The pessimism and polarization will continue after the election."

While both candidates exchanged sharp barbs in the Sunday debate, it is unclear if they swayed the 20 percent of the electorate that remains undecided.

"It was a mediocre debate," opined Luis Benavente, an analyst at the University of Lima.

Both candidates "failed to take advantage of opportunity, perhaps due to stress or the high expectations," he told AFP.

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