OAS asks for tolerance and respect during the campaign


Organization of American States opened an office to observe the campaign and
elections on April 9th, after the first day they asked for more
tolerance and respect in the campaign preceding the elections. They did not
find a debate and government plans, but personal attacks, insults and proposals
of executions.
Humala, Ollanta´s brother is candidate for the Congress representing the
political party “Avanza País”, he insists with his proposal of shooting some
politicians. Moises Benamor admonished the political parties “to avoid the
personal attacks and work for respect, tolerance, values and democratic
practices. The OAS Mission will always incline to these practices because
violence does not contribute to foster an appropriate atmosphere for the
elections”.  He added “Peruvians deserve
an electoral process of high level were the citizens know basicly which are the
proposals of each political party in order to develop the country”.