Peruvian doctors visit the US to learn about its health care system



Peruvian doctors visited the United States to learn about its health care system. (Photo: Internet)

About a dozen Peruvian doctors, pursuing masters in business administration degrees at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, traveled to the state of Pennsylvania in the United States for a week-long introduction to America’s health care system through DeSales University.

Their visit took them to local dentists, medical practices and the Lehigh Valley Hospital. They also participated in presentations explaining America’s health care reform and other related topics.

Presenters were continually impressed by the astute and pointed questions their Peruvian visitors asked, said David Gilfoil, director of DeSales’ MBA program said. They weren’t hampered by their translator and asked great follow-ups, he said.

“The hospital today was just amazing,” said Dr. Cesar Rosales, 30, after the visit.

The students have varied reasons for pursing MBAs in addition to their medical degrees. Rosales said he works in the pharmaceutical industry and the additional degree will help him grow professionally.

Dr. Alvaro Aservi and Dr. Gilmer Diaz, who works in a community hospital and a private practice, each said they want more experience managing a health business.

Gilfoil thinks there will be an increasing intersection between the worlds of medicine and business as the health care systems of the future develop. MBA programs teach students things like teamwork, organizational behaviors and efficiency to avoid waste; all valuable tools in a medical setting, he said.