Gold’s Gym wants to expand outside of Lima



Gold’s Gym chain hopes to expand outside of Lima. (Photo: Flickr)

Gold’s Gym chain announced Thursday that it’s looking for local partners in the provinces to expand its local chain through subfranchises in Chiclayo, Piura and Arequipa, which could be fulfilled in the second half of this year, Gestión reports.

The deputy general manager of Gold’s Gym Express, José Antonio De Rivero, said that the company is taking into account that outside of Lima fitness costs are low and prices for the service can also be lower, without sacrificing quality.

"There would be a promotional rate so that users can learn about the services offered at gyms in the chain," he said.

He explained that the investment required for each gym is $700,000 and another requirement is that local partners are aware of the business and local gyms are located in areas with a population density interested in staying healthy.

He said that to date the company has not been able to materialize the project of subfranchises because in the provinces it’s not common to go to a gym to work out. But the chain of gyms hopes to have four locations outside of Lima and three additional locations in Lima within the next five years.

Gold’s Gym currently has 13 stores located in various districts of the city of Lima and this year will open another location, which are aimed at socio-economic levels A, B and C.

He noted 20 percent of the chain’s users have corporate memberships, the rest are VIP or regular students memberships.