The potatoes ARE Peruvian!


Chile on its attempt to promote Chilean products declared that the “Potatoes were originally from Chile”. This declaration produced several reactions among the Peruvian scientists and the population because the potatoes are Peruvian!
The Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affaires Oscar Maurtua declared that according to an investigation from the Department of Agriculture of the US, were they studied the DNA of 261 types of wild potatoes and 98 type of cultivatable potatoes, it was concluded that the origin of the potato is only in the Southern part of Peru.
“The cultivation of potatoes and its technological development is one of the contributions of Peru to mankind” said Oscar Maurtua.
This is not the first attempt of appropriation from our neighbours from the South, they said that the Pisco is originally from Chile…our fruit called “chirimoya” is theirs with the name of “Chilimoya”, the dessert “Suspiro de Limeña” is also theirs! Though all of them are from Peru, we will keep on protecting our products!

For further information contact the "Centro Internacional de la Papa" here in Lima.