Fujimori does not suffer from terminal cancer, says doctor



Fujimori does not suffer from terminal cancer, says doctor
Fujimori doesn’t have terminal cancer but most probably is under an acute depressive state, says Sánchez. (Photo: Diario16)

Ex president Alberto Fujimori does not have terminal cancer, said today Pedro Sánchez, head of the Head and Neck Surgery Department of the National Institute of Neoplastic Illnesses (Inen).

During a press conference held today around noon, Sánchez said that Fujimori is a high-risk patient because of his age and constant relapses due to the oral leucoplasia he suffers from.

“Mr. Fujimori is a high-risk patient due to his actual cancer condition that started in 1997 when he was initially treated. This is highly important, if we related his state of mind and his depressive state that convey an incorrect immunological state,” said the doctor.

Sánchez confirmed that Fujimori has lost around 15 kilos of weight during these last weeks, due to a state of depression.

The doctor also announced that a psychiatric team will be checking Fujimori due to his depressive condition.

Fujimori, who is at the center of a debate about whether he should be pardoned or not, will be taken back today to the Diroes headquarters, where he is serving a 25 year sentence for crimes against humanity and corruption.

Listen to doctor Sánchez explain with detail Fujimori’s condition (Video footage: Canal N):