Soldiers from Puno help in search for Castillo in Colca


Ciro Castillo has been missing since April 4. (Photo: Living in Peru archive)

Fifteen soldiers from the Puno region have joined the efforts to find Ciro Castillo, who disappeared on April 4 in the Colca Valley.

Robert Grández Castro, Head of the High Mountain Rescue (USAM) in Arequipa, said the brigade will do a thorough job to find the young Castillo.

"In the area where the soldiers from Puno are, they have already looked for Ciro but in a superficial way, now they will launch a more complete search, because the area is vast pampas," said Grández.

Meanwhile, eight members of the USAM continue the search for Castillo near the bottom of Mount Bomboya, at the height of the area known as Peigh, more than 300 meters from the banks of the Colca, Andina reported.