Humala in Chile: “This visit has been worthwhile”


By Jorge Riveros-Cayo

Humala in Chile: “This visit has been worthwhile”
Humala and Piñera met Wednesday morning at La Moneda. (Photo: El Comercio)

Against all odds, president-elect Ollanta Humala returned to Peru quite satisfied from his meeting with Chile’s president Sebastián Piñera.

Humala met Piñera Wednesday morning, for about two hours at Palacio de La Moneda, site of Chile’s executive.

Peru’s newly elected president arrived with his wife Nadine Heredia around 10 a.m. He also was accompanied by Peru’s ambassador to Chile, Luis Chuquihuara.

The objective of this meeting was to define the political framework that will set the bilateral agenda between both countries, including political and economic issues, as well as the the border maritime dispute at The Hague.

After the meeting, Humala said it was “proof that we can work together and make progress.”

“This trip has been worthwhile. I am going to leave Chile very happy (…) we have established an open channel to keep direct communication in order to solve any problem,” he said.

Humala also suggested that exporting natural gas to Chile is an option as long as the domestic market is supplied first.

“I have explained president Piñera that first we have to solve Peru’s domestic supply. Then we can export electricty and gas to the international market, without discrimination of any country, especially if they are neighboring countries,” he said.

Humala finally said, “I thank president Piñera for the time he has given me. The most important thing about this meeting is that Peruvians and Chileans benefit from it, because that is our moral, ethic, and constitutional obligation."