Aduviri leaves television station and talks to Congress


Demonstrators from Puno waited outside of the television station in support of Aduviri. (Photo: Oscar Durand/Andina)

Aymara leader Walter Aduviri left the facilities of Panamericana Televisión Thursday afternoon, where he had been holed up since Wednesday, amid a large crowd of people from Puno and the media.

Aduviri left after authorities revoked the warrant for his arrest, filed for his alleged responsibility in the acts of violence in Puno.

Aduviri spent almost 30 hours in the television station and refused to leave the premises to avoid arrest by the police.

On his departure, Aduviri said the warrant for his arrest is an abuse by authorities. "There is no legal or technical support, nothing," he said.

"The first agenda we have is the definitive cessation and cancellation of all mining and oil concessions in the southern region of Puno and another is the repeal of the Supreme Decree 083. This is our original agenda," he said amid the dozens of Puno demonstrators that had gathered.

Immediately after, he left to Congress, where he planned to express the demonstrators demands.

Aduviri’s lawyer says he will return to Puno on Sunday and deal with the legal issues against him Monday.