Nine bullets found at the door of Peruvian singer Dina Paucar


Dina Páucar has recently been in the news for her role in the new Marca Perú video filmed in Nebraska.

Extortionists continue wreaking havoc in Lima. This time the victim was the singer Dina Páucar, who on Friday found ammunition for firearms at the door of her home, reports El Comercio.

As reported by local media, the employee of the folklorist, Soledad Espinar Cave opened the door of the home located in the Sol de La Molina neighborhood at 8:15 a.m., on her way to the store. She soon after noticed the presence of nine rounds of bullets on the ground.

Upon hearing what happened, Pedro Rubén Sánchez, the artist’s husband, reported the incident to the police.

Páucar declined to give a statement to the press. Police officers investigating the case said that the act may be one of extortion.