Peruvian actress Anali Cabrera loses her life to breast cancer


Anali Cabrera died Tuesday from breast cancer. (Photo: Internet)

Analí Cabrera, a well known Peruvian actress, died at 5:35 a.m. Tuesday – her birthday – in her Surquillo home.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, "Chelita" as she was known by many, turned 52 years old Tuesday.
Her husband’s manager said that last night she celebrated her birthday with her family and closest friends and asked to be next to her husband all night, reports La Républica.

"Anali was very excited because it was her birthday. Her relatives sang Happy Birthday and then she asked to be alone with Havier because she wanted to say goodbye to him. She also asked that we record a goodbye message for all those who supported her," he said.

The manager also revealed that Havier is very broken and even before the death of "Chelita" was crying profusely.

Actress Camucha Negrete said her death "is a painful blow to her friends and people who appreciated her" because nobody expected it. "Despite the seriousness of her illness, we held a glimmer of hope because she was always fighting," she told Perú21.

She also told RPP that "Chelita" was "the only vedette (showgirl) of the country," as she combined dancing, singing and acting throughout her career.

Television producer Efraín Aguilar said that he was almost "like a father to her."

"She was a very skinny girl, very pretty, eager to succeed and had a hidden talent that we were taking little by little," he said.

Aguilar said her departure "will leave a footprint" in show business and theater in Peru, because she showed over the years that it’s possible to "lead the life of a vedette with dignity, without falling into scandals."