Peru grows twice as much as Chile in past five years



President Alan García at an event last month. (Photo: Andina)

Peru grew twice as much as Chile and reduced poverty more dramatically during the last five years, said president Alan García, noting that with effort and better education, Peru will become the leading country of the continent.

After inaugurating improvements on Francisco Bolognesi school in Tacna, the head of state recalled that when he took office he promised that Peru would beat Chile’s economic expansion, employment generation and poverty reduction.

"We have kept our promise because in these 5 years, Peru has grown twice as much as Chile, Peru has reduced poverty more than Chile. When we started we had different poverty figures, today in Chile the poverty rate has grown by one percent while in Peru it has been reduced by 17 percent," he said.

President García added that in this rivalry of intelligence and ability, Peru has won, and it has beaten a "very capable" country as Chile, which also took advantage of all its possibilities.

Addressing students of the Francisco Bolognesi school, the Peruvian leader noted that Peru will get better results "if the youth continue studying and work harder."

He said that this was the land of the great empire, vast cultures and the cradle of the most important viceroyalty in new world where the mountains have higher and better peaks and where the Amazon River has its source.

"This is the pilot country of South America, and it depends on you to keep that true and turn it into the leading country in South America, an example for the people," he said.