Father of Castillo heads to Puno in hopes of finding his son



Ciro Castillo Rojo has been missing for more than 80 days. (Photo: Living in Peru archive)

A local radio program from Juli, capital of the province of Chucuito in Puno, reported that a young man with memory lapses has been found. He cannot remember who he is, but has physical characteristics similar to those of Ciro Castillo Rojo, who disappeared in the Colca Valley more than 80 days, reports El Comercio.

The station reported that the man is dark with wavy black hair and has a big smile. Castillo’s father, Ciro Castillo Rojo Salas, had access to a photograph of the person and said it "seemed to look" like his son, but he could not confirm due to the low quality of the image.

Rojo Salas is on his way to Puno now with his son Antonio to identify the unknown man who remains in a church "out of his mind."

He received this encouraging news after the mayor of the province of Caylloma in Arequipa, Elmer Caceres, recognized him for his courage throughout the search for his son, missing since April 4.

Rojo Salas returned the thanks, praising the city for the material and spiritual support it has provided during the search of his son, who has been missing for almost 80 days.

With him were his two sons and his wife, Rosario Garcia, who pleaded for Rosario Ponce to help the rescue teams in the search. Ponce was with Castillo on the trip to the Colca Valley.

The award was presented during the ceremony for the 186 anniversary of the province, which was also attended by regional president of Arequipa, Juan Manuel Guillen.