Government reviews Supreme Decree 083, Aduviri says it will be repealed


Aymara leader Walter Aduviri talks with reports in Puno weeks ago. (Photo: Living in Peru archive)

Prime Minister Rosario Fernández said that the government is constantly working to address the anti-mining protests occurring in Puno, noting that they are reviewing Supreme Decree 083, to find a solution by consensus, reports El Comercio.

The head of the cabinet noted that meetings with the authorities and civil society representatives in the region continue and stated that the purpose of reviewing Supreme Decree 083, which authorizes the granting of the Santa Ana mine, is to achieve a solution that reconciles the legal aspect with the social aspect.

La Républica reports that Aymara leader Walter Aduviri announced that Supreme Decree 083 will be repealed. But he said this does not stop the protestors desire to permanently cease all mining concessions in the Puno region.

After a meeting with the Minister of Energy and Mining, Pedro Sanchez, Aduviri told RPP that agenda two of the decree (Santa Ana) may be cancelled because irregularities were found but still pending is a corresponding agenda of other mining concessions.

The Minister of Agriculture, Jorge Villasante, said that according to studies conducted in the province of Melgar, Puno, it was found that in that locality there is no excessive mining.

He explained that although there are 480 petitions to begin mining in the area, there are only two concessions which have been under exploration for many years and four that allows mineral extraction, with ten years of operation.