Man found in Puno not Ciro Castillo, authorities confirm



Ciro Castillo Rojo has been missing for more than 80 days. (Photo: Living in Peru archive)

The head of the police division of Ilave, José Luis Barrientos, confirmed that the young man found in Puno is not Ciro Castillo Rojo, but a homeless Bolivian identified as Branco Salgado Castillo, La Républica reports.

Last night media reported that Castillo Rojo’s father and brother were on their way to Puno after receiving a tip that Castillo Rojo may have been found.

Barrientos said that photographs of the individual were compared with those of Castillo Rojo, and they do not match. Furthermore, they took the fingerprints of the man found, and they do not match those of the young man who disappeared more than 80 days ago in the Colca Valley.

"He has some resemblance, it is true, but he is not Castillo Rojo. For us there is no doubt about that," Barrientos said.

Meanwhile, the head of the national police in Arequipa, Carlos Mateo, reaffirmed the information, adding that the size of the two men was different.