Two Polish kayakers missing in Peru


Polish kayakers Jarek FrÄ…ckiewicz and Celina Mróz are missing in Peru.

Jarek FrÄ…ckiewicz and Celina Mróz last wrote a note on their blog May 26 that they were starting a trip on the Ucayali River in Peru. No one has heard from them since.

According to Polish media, they last contacted their families on May 26 when they were in Atalaya, a small town near where the Urubamba River joins the Ucayali.

They planned to paddle the 600 kilometers to the city of Pucallpa, traveling about 30 kilometers a day.

According to a friend of the couple, Beata Switek, they wanted to reach Pucallapa around June 15 and catch a bus to Lima on June 16. From there they planned to spend three days in Lima and on June 20 catch a plane from Lima to Sao Paolo. They did not get on this plane.

Switek also said that before they departed, FrÄ…ckiewicz said if they were running late, they would have to get on one of the ships cruising the river, since there are no roads between the spot where they set off on the Ucayali River and Pucallpa.

The families of the couple are trying to find a way to get in touch with individuals or organizations that may be able to help. The Polish diplomatic personnel have been informed about the case.

If you have any information that could be useful, please email