Municipality approves Comunicore audit and sends it to court


Former mayor Luis Castañeda Lossio. (Photo: Living in Peru archive)

The Municipality of Lima approved Thursday afternoon the conclusions and recommendations of the audit of the previous city management, led by Luis Castañeda Lossio, in relation to the Comunicore scandal.

Comunicore was the company that bought part of the large debt accumulated by the municipality of Lima in 1998. In January 2006 the municipality paid back the total of S/. 35.9 million to Comunicore; of this amount, S/. 15.5 million was deposited in the bank accounts of officials working for Comunicore’s sister company, Relima.

The investigation conducted by a community committee determined that the payment Comunicore received and the negotiations to renew the concession contract for cleaning services with Relima were irregular and that both acts were part of the same operation. They go on to say that the former mayor was aware of everything.

In a meeting of the council today, led by current mayor Susana Villarán, the report was approved 22 in favor, two against and 13 abstentions.

The document will be now be sent to court in order to be included in the criminal case surrounding Comunicore.