Peruvian government creates 15 universities in five years


Students protest in Huancavelica days ago. (Photo: La Républica)

During the past five years, the Peruvian government has approved the establishment of 15 universities, while in Congress there are bills for the formation of 11 additional universities, reports Gestión.

Four of the 15 study centers are located in Lima, and a fifth will be erected in Tayacaja, Huancavelica. The formation of this particular university caused conflict because it was set to work with resources from the National University of Huancavelica. After protests resulting in four deaths, it was finally decided to give the new university its own budget.

In order to avoid social conflicts such as this, the president of the National Association of Provosts (ANR), Orlando Velásquez, has asked the government to stop the creation of public universities recently approved by Congress.

He explained that new problems will arise because these new centers of higher study, according to their rules of creation, absorb resources from other public universities and some mining royalties, without any conditions that would lead to enhancing education and scientific research.

"We reject the ‘feast’ for the creation of public universities with political agendas," Velásquez told Andina.