Elvis concert in Lima commemorates 33 years since his death



Elvis sporting his "Inca Gold Jumpsuit." (Photo: Internet)

Few know that Elvis Presley was a lover of Incan culture. "The King" spent his free time reading about Japanese, Egyptian and Incan cultures, three of his favorites. He even designed an outfit that pays homage to the Incas.

As part of the tribute to commemorating 33 years of his death, Elvis Enterprise presents a concert in Lima of more than two hours of all the magic and glamor of the best of the King of Rock by Shawn Klush, who is considered one of the best Presley impersonators in both voice and physical aspects. He led the most popular show in Las Vegas and toured extensively in Europe and Asia, as well as Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

There will be two shows, July 1 and 2 at 9 p.m. at the María Angola Hotel Convention Center. Tickets are on sale at Tu Entrada at Plaza Vea and Vivanda.

Elvis spent hours reading books about the greatness of the Inca empire and also fell in love with Inca gold, as he was a collector of gold jewelry.

Elvis loved the art and symbols of the Incan culture so much he had a suit made he called his "Inka Gold Jumpsuit" which contains figures of Incan "keros" fully embroidered in gold. This suit was used during 1974 and 1976. Elvis used it in his most important performances in Las Vegas, Birmingham, Alabama and 13 other concerts.

The  jumpsuit is currently on display at the Graceland mansion and is seen by millions of people annually as part of his legacy.