Study finds Peru one of the most homophobic countries in Latin America



Peru is considered one of the most homophobic countries in Latin America. (Photo: La Républica)

According to a study by the Peruvian NGO Promsex, 43 percent of people believe that the most discriminated against group in the country is lesbians, while another 50 percent believe that gays are the most discriminated against in their right to raise a family.

The report, presented Tuesday at the Cultural Center of Spain, also revealed that Peru is considered one of the most homophobic countries in Latin America.

This distinction is based on the country’s failure to meet international human rights standards, La Républica reports.

The document also provides an analysis of the efforts of various sectors of society to protect the right to gender identity and sexual orientation, from institutions to its own government.

George Liendo, Promsex member, urged the next government to resume at least two important legislative initiatives for this group.

One of them was presented by congressman Carlos Bruce and deals with the punishment of hate crimes.

"The project was not discussed by the outgoing Congress, despite having received a favorable opinion by the majority of parliamentarians," he said. Another law expected to be debated is that of civil unions for same sex couples.

The bill defines hate crime as the case in which a person commits a crime motivated by hatred or contempt of race, gender, age, mental or physical disability, economic status, religion, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation or sexual identity of the victim.