Demand for healthy beverages in Peru is growing faster than for soda



Free Tea Light performed better in the Peruvian market back in 2009 than the Ajegroup projected. (Photo: Ajegroup)

The demand for healthy beverages in Peru is growing faster than for soda because the former is a relatively new category in the local market, said the Ajegroup in Peru.

Ajegroup executive vice president, Gonzalo Begazo, said that when a new product is introduced it can get a explosive start, according to the laws of the market.

"So with soft drinks you have an established practice to which all that can be added is promotions and advertisement," Begazo told Andina.

In this regard, the Peruvian consumer is increasingly consuming new, innovative and healthy products.

Gonzalo Polanco, marketing manager for Ajeper, explained in 2009 that in the domestic market there are few brands of healthy beverages, but for two months, when the company launched Free Tea, sales have been higher than projected.

"According to the great reception given to Free Tea in a few months, we can deduce good performance with other brands in this category," he said.

He said that unlike soft drinks, water, juices and nectars, these drinks have properties beneficial to health.

Ajeper Free Tea Light is made with green tea extract and lemon and also has no preservatives, caffeine or sugar.

He said that individuals between 18 and 24 years of age are more likely to by this type of product because he says consumers at that age take a greater awareness of their health.