Retrospective on Peruvian painter opens in Lima’s Museum of Art



Retrospective on Fernando de Szyszlo opens tonight at the MALI.

The MALI, Lima’s Museum of Art, will showcase a retrospective exhibition on renowned Peruvian artist Fernando de Szyszlo opening today, on his 86th birthday. The exhibition will bring together almost one hundred of Szyszlo’s paintings, etchings, sculptures and items from his personal collection.

Peruvian President Alan Garcia Perez will open the exhibit tonight at 8pm in the museum located in Lima’s historic center.

For this special exhibit, the museum developed audio and visual guides for mobile devices (tablets, MP3 players, cell phones and Androids, etc.) letting visitors access the complimentary information and also share it through Facebook or Twitter, reports El Comercio.

The MALI is located on Paseo Colon 125, Lima. Entrance through the Parque de la Exposicion.

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10am-8pm; Saturdays 10am-5pm. Admission: S/. 6 minimum; suggested, S/. 12 students, children and elderly S/. 4, Sundays S/. 1.
For more information, visit: MALI.pe