Opinion: Alan Garcia – A pathological end to his term


By Juan Carlos Tafur for Diario16
Translated and edited by Jorge Riveros-Cayo

Opinion: Alan Garcia - A pathological end to his term
The dirty war against Villarán during last year’s campaign was only a rehearsal to destroy her administration as Lima’s mayor, says Tafur. (Cartoon: Carlín/La República)

President Alan García’s last month in office is worth a pathological analysis. In middle of the crossfire triggered by accusations against him that are finally viewed in its real context, the President prefers to keep silent.
García instead responds through cryptic press releases that nobody really understands. The President prefers to keep inaugurating constructions, all monumental and not finished. Additionally, he wastes thousands in publicity not to improve the image of his administration, but instead to keep the media silent about the scandals that surround him, a strategy he has constantly used during the five years of his government.
It only took a group of brave and independent journalists from a television channel, three newspapers, a couple of radio stations and the watchful social networks, to point out at an endless list of events that reveal a high level of corruption, close enough to encircle and compromise the President himself. Public opinion starts to finally conclude that we have not had “the best government in our history” or even less than that.
What we have seen instead is a very mediocre administration of the state and, what is even worse, tainted with high levels of corruption.  It all deserves a serious investigation after the new administration takes over on July 28, from the highest judicial authorities to determine legal and political responsibilities.

It will not be easy to keep these judicial processes on the right path in order to investigate the presumable corruption cases during the García administration. The media machinery, currently orchestrated from Government Palace, has already announced that they will keep active and in force. The purpose is to armor-plate their political allies protecting them from the justice system and demolishing Humala’s administration from day one.

Whereas the dirty war against Susana Villarán during the mayoral campaign last year was a trial of what was done during the presidential campaign – first against Toledo and later against Humala – the current script is quite obvious. First, destroy Villarán’s municipal administration as a preface of what they will do against the incoming president during his government.

García’s intention is to corner his political opponents with groundless scandals and accusations, so he can distract the country from a watchdog agenda that should be started with the next administration for the sake of building a healthy democracy. The dozens of loose ends revealed by the uncovering of the “Petroaudios” should be carefully knotted. That should be a priority of the new administration at all costs.

Juan Carlos Tafur is a journalist and director of Diario 16 where he has a daily column. Read his previous columns posted by LivinginPeru here.