Visit to Russia by brother of Peru’s Humala results in controversy


Alexis Humala (Photo: )

Provoking controversy, Alexis Humala Tasso, the younger brother of Peru’s president-elect, Ollanta Humala, was in Russia this week, meeting with both state and private-sector officials.

There are conflicting reports as to whether or not he was there as an official envoy of Peru. The news website Peru21 claims that the President-elect, while in Washington D.C., denied that his brother was in the former Soviet Union as a representative of his country. He stated “that out of respect for American authorities. I will not speak of this subject now.”

Critics of Ollanta Humala asserted that if his brother was not there on official state business, his trip should be publicly denounced by the new leader. Peru’s El Diario Correo noted that Alexis Humala Tasso has a Russian wife. Though separated, they share business investments in Russia. The President-elect said that he would clarify the matter upon his return to Lima.

Still, Peru’s El Comercio reported that Alexis Humala Tasso met with the Russian Federation’s Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov. Reportedly they talked about petroleum and improved bilateral cooperation between both countries.

The paper also reports that Humala met with the General Director of Russian Fishing, Andéi Kraini. It said that they worked on an agreement that would allow Russian seamen to fish in Peruvian waters starting in 2012.