Suspects in murder of Polish couple turned over in Amazon region


Prime suspects turned in after murder of Polish couple (Photo:

The suspects in the murder of a Polish couple who were kayaking in northern Peru have been turned in to the police.

Jaroslaw Frackiewicz, 70, and his wife, Celina Mroz, 58, who were kayaking in the Ucayali River, went reported missing after the 26th of May, the date of the last blog entry. At the time they posted that they currently were in Atalaya, deep in Peru’s Amazon jungle.

According to the English-language Polish media outlet,, members of the Ashaninka tribe took it upon themselves to track down and turn over the suspects in the disappearance and probable murder of the couple.

The prime suspect turned over by the Ashaninka to the police was Fidel Garcia, 27, who in turn implicated his brother-in-law, Freddy Ruiz, and his uncle, Roger Ruiz, as participants in the killing.

According to Orlando Del Aguila police chief of the Ucayali province, Garcia stated that Frackiewicz and Mroz were shot by Ruiz in a confrontation. Del Aguila, however, believes that robbery was a more likely motive; he noted that the victim’s belongings had been divided up between the three suspects.

The Ashininka have released a statement asking forgiveness from the victim’s familes and from Poland.