The Free Trade Agreement cannot be renegotiated


The Minister of External Commerce and Tourism, Alfredo
Ferrero, stated that it would be impossible to renegotiate or revise the free
trade agreement in a unilateral way with the United States, as Ollanta Humala
has suggested, because it is an agreement reached between two countries.
“Some candidates that pretend that to renegotiate or revise
the treaty is a good idea need to know that any unilateral renegotiation or
revision is not possible.  It is not
possible that I just say ‘I am going to renegotiate’, because this needs the
willingness of both parties”, stated Ferrero. 
The nationalist candidate, who is leading in the polls,
states that if he is elected he will renegotiate the treaty because he believes
that it does not look after national interests. 
The Free Trade Agreement negotiations between Peru
and the United States
ended in December, but still need to be approved by their respective Congresses
before taking effect.