Peru’s ambassador to the UN seeks to change aid criteria



Gonzalo Gutiérrez (Photo:Andina )

Peruvian ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Gonzalo Gutiérrez, has stated that Peru is leading efforts to change criteria in the delivery of aid to middle-income countries.

Gutiérrez said that in recent years there has been a marked decline in the financial aid provided by United Nations to countries with poverty, because many are described as middle-income countries, without taking into account the persistent poverty that still exists in these places.

"We believe that the classification is unfair because the cold figure of GDP per capita does not reflect the actual state of development in a particular country," he said.

Gutiérrez argued that this situation occurs with Peru, because the UN considers it to be a middle-income country, and the classification is then followed by other more economically developed countries, who then also reduce their aid.

Gutiérrez emphazised the situtation, by citing that 70 percent of extreme poverty in the word is not in the least developed countries, but in the middle-income countries.

"It is illogical to leave 70 percent of those who suffer most in the world, simply because a general index says that they are already in the medium-income countries,” he said.