New smartphone app let’s you know where to park in Lima


Los Portales’ Smartphone App (Photo: El Comercio)

Local parking firm Los Portales has developed an application for cell phones that allows users to find the location of the nearest parking lot, as well as space availability and rates.

Jorge Gagliardi, business manager for Los Portales told local newspaper El Comercio that "The whole project began five months ago. We saw that the smartphone is a powerful means of distribution and communication."

"Moreover, by taking advantage of GPS capabilites in most devices, we were able develop an application, based on the user’s location, that is able to direct them our parking lots.”

The app has been developed for Apple devices, BlackBerry, Android and Bada (an operating system created by Samsung).

"In August, apps will be available for free download, through their respective app stores" said Gagliardi.

Upon starting the app, it will automatically activate the GPS device to display the location of the closest parking lots on a map.

Aditionally, each location will have an indicator of green, orange and red, indicating how much space is available.

The app will let you know the parking lots’ details, – if it’s indoor, rates, etc. – and also guide you from your current location, if you do not know how to get there.