Peru’s president-elect met with Fidel Castro in Cuba



Ollanta Humala (right) meeting with Raúl Castro (Photo:Andina )

Peru’s president-elect, Ollanta Humala, met with Fidel Castro and president Raul Castro, in Cuba

"We had lunch together and I am very happy with this meeting," said the president-elect on his meeting with the Cuban leader.

According to an article published in El Comercio Humala also spoke with the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, during his visit to Havana.

"I have spoken by phone with president Chavez, he’s very good," Humala said at the airport in Havana shortly before departing to Peru. Chavez was in Cuba at the time, undergoing cancer treatment.

News reports indicate foreign press stationed in Cuba only had access to information regarding Humala’s arrival and departure from Jose Marti International Airport, in Havana.

Humala stayed in Cuba for 15 hours, the last stop on a tour of Latin American countries, where he met with government officials in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador, Colombia, United States and Venezuela.