Peru’s Alan Garcia responds to criticism over electric train



Lima Metro (Photo:Andina/Vidal Tarqui)

Peru’s president, Alan Garcia, responded to criticism leveled against the electric train’s infrastructure and over-budget costs.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that inspections conducted by Peru’s comptroller general, Fuad Khoury, had revealed the electric train had a higher cost than originally budgeted and had faults in it’s infrastructure.

Khoury had told local radio that the train was around $100 Million over-budget, 26.5% more than expected.

According to an article, published in El Comercio, García said "budgets are always references, no matter how accurate they are."

Futhermore, García stated that "if there is a safe building in Lima, it’s the electric train, which is made to withstand earthquakes of over 9 degrees magnitude."