Universal health care for Peruvians, by end of 2012



Óscar Ugarte (Photo: Andina )

Óscar Ugarte, current Health Minister, has said that if current policy is maintained, 100% of the population will have health insurance by 2012.

In an article published by Andina, Ugarte recalled that only 36% of Peruvians were insured in 2006, and that currently 70% of the population was covered.

He estimated that it would take less than two years to reach the hundred percent mark.

Ugarte expressed he was confident that the new administration would continue and expand policies aimed at providing universal health care for all Peruvians.

Speaking to Andina, Ugarte held that for 25 years, there had been no investment in health care infrastructure or equipment, which amounts to around S/. 9 billion.

"These past five years have seen an investment of S/. 4.6 billion, which represents a breakthrough, but it also means that there is a certain path we must follow in order to close the gap," he said after attending the opening ceremony of the new building for the National Institute of Children’s Health, in San Borja.