Banks sanctioned for US dollars serie CB-2001


A year after the Peruvian economy was flooded with false 100
dollars notes of the serie CB-2001, the Commission of Protection of the
Consumer (CPC) from the National Institute for Competence and Protection of
Intelectual Property (Indecopi in Spanish) has sanctioned  ten out of thirteen banks operating in the
country.According to the resolutions No. 492 and 493-2006-CPC the banks did not
inform their customers on time about the irregularities of the series even
though they were warned about them.

A year ago the Peruvian market was filled with these notes
creating panic and uneasiness among the customers because many of those notes
were hand over at the bank counters and the automatic cashiers. Some of the
banks refused to exchange the false notes to their customers. In order to
registrate the affected customers Aspec (Peruvian Association of Consumers) started
a campaign were they registered more than 2 thousand people. Aspec states that
the banks continued giving away the CB-2001 notes even though they knew they
were false, which represents a serious transgression to the norms that protect
the consumers.

The banks which were sanctioned are Citibank with the
highest fine and respectively Wiese, Crédito, del Trabajo, de Comercio,
Interbank and Continental. The banks that which got the smallest fines are
Financiero and Sudamericano, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Boston
Bank and the Banco de la Nacion were not sanctioned.

The only bank that has already paid the fine is Mi Banco,
the other ones have appealed.