Three new protected natural reserves in Peru


Huaytapallana (Photo: Andina)

According to an article published in El Comercio, three new protected areas were approved by the Council of Ministers.

The new protected areas are: the Udima Wildlife Refuge, Huaytapallana, and the Salitral-Huarmaca Dry Forest.

The Udima Wildlife Refuge is located in the provinces of Cajamarca and Lambayeque. The site will protect the cloud forests of the western Andes. Udima is a unique ecosystem that serves as a refuge for various species of flora and fauna, such as 41 endemic species of plants, 11 birds and 3 mammals, among others. There is also a pre-Inca archaeological site.

Huaytapallana is a peak of the Andes, located in province of Junín. The peak is a principal source of water in the area. Huaytapallana is a two hour drive from Huancayo.

The Salitral-Huarmaca Dry Forest has a wealth of flora and fauna and is home to 117 species of plants -including 10 facing extinction and 4 that are critically endangered. It is also home to White-winged Guan, a bird endemic to Peru, that until recently was thought to be extinct.

Peru currently has 122 protected areas, a total of 16% of the country.