Peru’s Humala creates Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion


 (Photo: El Comercio/Archive )

A day after President-elect, Ollanta Humala, made his first cabinet appointments, some changes were made.

A senior representative from Gana Perú, Humala’s party, stated that there would not be a Ministry of Production and Social Inclusion, as had initially been announced.

According to an article published by El Comercio, the representative said that there would instead be a Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion.

The new ministry would take over certain social issues that were formerly handled by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance. The representative said that Kurt Burneo would be appointed as head of this new ministry.

According to the article, the ministry would be the governing body in charge of all social policies proposed by the new government. Programs already mentioned by Humala include: Pension 65 and Cuna Más.

The representative from Gana Perú, emphasized that the Ministry of Production would remain in charge of the sectors involving fisheries and industries and that the Ministry of Women’s Affairs would still be in place, but would undergo some changes.