Peru reports first case of Hantavirus



Hantavirus (Photo: CDC/Cynthia Goldsmith )

Through an official statement, Peru’s Ministry of Health confirmed a woman has died of the Hantavirus, in the province of Loreto. She is the first victim to ever die of the incurable virus in Peru.

The woman was a 29-year-old who worked as a tour guide in the area. Upon arrival at the hospital she had a fever, abdominal pain and low blood pressure.

An article published in El Comercio explains that the deadly virus infects people through contact with rat feces and urine. In light of the situation the Ministry of Health has been attempting to raise awareness of the virus, because there is no vaccine or specific treatment for the disease.

Authorities are asking people of Iquitos to take preventive measures with the cleanliness of their homes. They advise people to wear a mask when cleaning a room that has been closed for a long period of time and prevent the entry of rodents.

Officials also emphasize that dead rodents and their feces should be handled with extreme care. They should be sprayed with bleach, handled with gloves or plastic bags and then buried or burnt completely.