Peru’s President Garcia says he will not run in 2016


García, meeting with Brazilian ambassador on Thursday (Photo:Andina )

Less than a week from leaving office President Alan Garcia denied rumors that he was intending to run for office in 2016.

"In my view, I’d prefer that new people make a run for government in 2016," he told reporters at the government palace, and quoted in an article by Andina.

García said there were some who persisted on saying he had an obsession for power and that they aimed to attack his reputation when he leaves office.

"They will try to do it but I already saw that movie and all they would do is accelerate a return to power. My advice to my opponents: do not mess with me and I will not mess with you. If they mess with me, I’ll have go back into politics with all my strength,” he added.

García thanked the people of Peru for the positive approval rating given to his outgoing government. According to the latest survey by Datum Internacional, García will leave office with a 44% approval rating.

"We’ve managed 151,200 public works, invested S/. 86 billion and generated 2 and a half million jobs, we have tripled foreign exchange from 15 thousand to 47 thousand, doubled exports from S/. 17 billion to S/. 37 billion with a projected S/. 43 billion this year, we have reduced poverty from 48 to 30% and dramatically reduced illiteracy," he argued.

García also confirmed that, at the request of the next government, he had postponed the Summit of Andean Community of Nations, which had been scheduled for this weekend in Lima.

He also said he would meet with the presidents of Ecuador and Brazil, Rafael Correa and Dilma Rousseff this July 27, at the government palace.